We are grateful to God that He continues to use the ministries of ACC to touch people’s lives. ACC continues to grow and with growth comes some challenges and opportunities.

We’ve recently had meetings where we have shared the options that we have been considering as we grapple with a facility that has become too small for some of our ministries. We’ve greatly appreciated your comments, feedback, questions, observations and ideas.

We’ve also appreciated your encouragement. Many have told us you are praying for us. We’ve also heard comments of appreciation for our transparency and our willingness to inform and engage you in the process.

As was highlighted in last Tuesday’s meeting, we have some short term and long term challenges with our facility. For a short term solution, we have decided that ACC will meet at Emmaus Bible College for the majority of the school year, starting September 11. We believe it is the best way to support the ministry philosophies that have been developed and implemented for our ministries and to provide the resources needed for those ministries to thrive.

We’ve also shared that we have not reached clarity for a vision for this church. For the long term challenges, we are committing ourselves to forming an ad hoc committee to work on vision. In conjunction with this committee, we are going to form a facilities committee to further explore our options and to come up with a viable solution to recommend to the elders.

We ask that you pray for us and for ACC. We also ask for your flexibility and patience as we work through these challenges and opportunities.

In Him,
the ACC Leadership