Where should I sit?

There’s no assigned seating. Feel free to sit where you will be most comfortable!

Is there a nursery?

Yes there is! Children ages 0-2 are welcome. You may drop them off at the bottom of the stairs, first door to the left.

Who decides the order of the Breaking of Bread meeting?

The meeting is unscripted, participation is spontaneous. We take our cue from the New Testament, which models ministry by a number of believers who feel led by the Holy Spirit to participate.

How often do you have the Breaking of Bread service?

Every Sunday. What Jesus Christ has done for us is so significant, we love to acknowledge it in worship often. This was also the practice of the New Testament church.

Why are women mostly silent?

We desire to be faithful to the Bible. While all are encouraged to sing, only men lead in worship orally.

Can any male speak during the Breaking of Bread?

No. Only adult believers (those who have trusted in Jesus Christ alone as their savior) who are prompted by God to contribute to the flow of worship.

Why do some women cover their heads?

The Bible instructs women to cover their head during church meetings. Our visitors and newcomers may be unaware, however, and we don’t review this teaching on a regular basis, so usage is not consistent.

How does one read a hymnbook?

The layout in our songbooks follows musical convention: Start by singing the first line of each cluster down the page. When you reach the end, start the second line, etc.

Why do you have two hymnbooks?

We love hymns. Older hymns are located in the black book, and some newer hymns are in the larger blue book.

Am I expected to give money?

Visitors are not expected to give! The offering is an opportunity for our church family to give in support of the needs and ministries of the church. We take a no-pressure approach to giving.

Who is the pastor?

We don’t have a traditional pastor. We take our cue from the New Testament, which models shared leadership. A group of men lead and provide pastoral care for the church.

Who do I talk to about joining the church?

We welcome visitors and new additions to our church. We invite you to talk with one of the elders about how to join us.

What denomination does this church belong to?

We don’t belong to a denomination. Though there are thousands of churches like ours throughout the world, each one operates independently.

Have more questions?

Feel free to ask anyone at church, or email us at info@accalive.org.