Each Sunday we meet to praise and worship God, to pray for and reconnect with one another, and to learn from God’s word. Here’s how our Sunday meetings will unfold:

Time Description
9:30 Opening Praise
9:40 Breaking of Bread
10:10 Announcements
10:30 Corporate Worship (Children dismissed)
10:25 Teaching
11:15 Dismissal

Our service begins with Opening Praise, lifting our hearts to God in song. During the Breaking of Bread we remember our Lord Jesus Christ; his death and all He has done for us. This service is unscripted. Several men lead the worship through Scripture reading, hymns, prayer, meditations and even silence, concluding with taking the bread and the cup. If you have trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you are welcome to participate of the elements. If not, simply pass on the trays and the offering bag; we would love the opportunity to help you begin a relationship with Jesus Christ! Our Teaching for children and adults alike is Bible-centered and relevant.