We would like to invite you to a special

Visitor Sunday
Asbury Community Chapel
Sunday, August 14, 2016
10:30 am - 11:30 am

We all lead busy lives. We put in long hours at work. At home we do our best to carve out quality time with the family, but struggle to keep up. There are friendships to nurture,  projects to tackle, deadlines to meet. In our busy life it's easy to forget about God, our Creator and Maker. It's easy to squeeze Him out of our lives quite unintentionally, to conclude He doesn't care, or that He stands as a powerless observer of our rat race, or worse... that He is not there. But then the day comes when you have an encounter with the living God, and everything changes. Your values, your goals, your very identity is transformed by the encounter, and you are never the same again. It's not about cold dogma or religious rules. It's about a life-transforming joy. That is what has happened to us. That is what we're excited to share with you.

Come hear THE stories of God’s power to transform lives!

Dale: My Identity Is Secure

Jack: I've Been Saved By Grace